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Christmas Party (13th December 2021)

Our Christmas Party last night was such great fun - we all had a go at making a macrame Angel, we did run out of time so our members were tasked with finishing it off at home, so hopefully more pictures of completed Angels to follow.

A BIG thank you to Pamela Hudson who was our very own angel.

A few games followed - thank you to Michelle Doyle Platt for organising. Fabulous Christmas raffle prizes were then given out - another BIG thank you to Clare Duffield who always organises our raffle and was also responsible for all our refreshments. We also had our very own cheeky Christmas Elf - Claire Henry, collecting and distributing our secret Santa gifts. Very grateful for all our committee who have gone above and beyond this year and especially last night, what a fantastic TEAM we are. Thank you to all our members who came along ad enjoyed the party.

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